How to Make Delicious Chicken Rice

How to Make Delicious Chicken Rice
How to Making Delicious Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is very popular in Asian countries, for example in Singapore or Malaysia. Unlike in America or other European countries, it can be said that no one makes delicious Chicken Rice, even if there is certainly a different name and maybe only some people make it. As in Singapore, what we often hear is Hainan chicken rice, Asen chicken rice or Special chicken rice. Of course with different presentations and different spices. Tasty Chicken Rice is usually served with fried chicken, or spiced grilled chicken, while served chicken rice with a special chilli sauce and also a little Sop soup. Intrigued by the delicious chicken rice recipe we are discussing? Next, we share the recipe and how to present it:

Ingredients for Chicken (steamed or boiled)

How to Making Delicious Chicken Rice
How to Making Delicious Chicken Rice

1. 1 Chicken tail cut into several parts according to taste.
2. 2 cover the garlic, finely ground.
3. 2 inches Halia, finely ground,
4. 1 Tablespoon of Chicken Broth.

Material for Embedded Chicken

1. 1 Spoon to eat sweet soy sauce
2. one large spoonful of oyster sauce
3. 1 cm Halia is pureed
4. 2 rubs the garlic mashed
5. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

Ingredients for Savory Chicken Rice

1. 1 Kilo of Rice
2. four glasses of chicken cooking water
3. two tablespoons of butter or margarine
4. 1 cm of Hali mashed
5. enough salt
6. 2 mace flowers
7. four cardamom fruits
8. one cinnamon
9. 1 lemongrass is tapped
10. 2 pandan leaves
11. Adequate turmeric is just an enhancer of colour and aroma

Ingredients for Savory Chicken Rice Sauce

1. 5 red chilli seeds
2. three bottom white threads
3. 2 cm Halia
4. 1 tablespoon of vinegar
5. 1 teaspoon of salt
6. 1 teaspoon of a horn
7. 1/2 cup of chicken cooking water

Ingredients for Soup

1. Chicken boiled water
2. one large shallot seed, ground
3. One package of chicken broth or spice soup
4. Adequate salt
5. Celery leaves/leaf soup and chives are cut into small pieces

Material for Ketchup Sauce

1. Soy Sauce results from the chicken’s sauce earlier
2. Add anything sweet to your taste
3. salt to taste
4. chicken cooking water

How to make savory chicken rice

How to Make Delicious Chicken_Rice
How to Make Delicious Chicken_Rice

Ways for chicken:

1. Clean the chicken, put the water in and sprinkle it with two reviews of garlic and Halia.
2. Boil the chicken with one package of chicken broth (can use a favourite brew), so it is tender.
3. Lift the chicken and marinate with the ingredients for 1/2 hour
4. Then fried chicken with a pure stove fire (not too fried), lift and brush with honey.

How to cook rice:

1. Wash rice until it is clean and water is high.
2. Heat the butter/margarine and saute the ingredients as above, pandan leaves, lemongrass, Halia and garlic until crisp. Add the rice and cook immediately so the aroma and smell rise. Add chicken cooking water, salt and turmeric to taste. Cook rice as usual.

How to make soup:

1. Boil the boiled water with the soup spices, large onions, and add salt to taste.
2. Sprinkle with fried onions and chives and celery leaves that have been cut up earlier.

How to cook soy sauce:

1. Grind all ingredients to make soy sauce above.
2. Can also be cooked briefly to increase the aroma.
3. Combine all ingredients for sauce and bake immediately. Cool before serving.
Well, it’s effortless…? The ingredients are also natural to get, and the maximum results depend on the way you are each, what is most important is to adjust all available parts, can also be added or reduced. Hopefully Helpful, Thank you

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