How to Make Ice Coffee at Home

How to Make Ice Coffee at Home
How to Make Ice Coffee at Home

Coffee iced is one of the most popular drinks. No need to bother coming to the coffee shop, you can make a delicious coffee concoction.

Lavender Coconut Iced Coffee is one of the best drinks that can relieve thirst. The taste of coffee mixed with coconut and lavender, which tends to be tasty and sweet tempting.

You can be your barista at home making these drinks. The base is just espresso mixed with coconut milk, then added lavender. The aroma is very fragrant, makes you impatient to sip it.

If you want to make this drink yourself at home, you can recommend the recipe. Reported by Okezone from Culinaryzen, Friday (08/31/2018), here are the ingredients that must be prepared and see how to make it!

Lavender Coconut Iced Coffee

how to make ice coffee at home
how to make ice coffee at home


Six sprigs of fresh lavender (or lavender powder substitute approximately 1 tbsp)

One can of coconut milk


One tablespoon coconut sugar, honey or maple syrup can be replaced


1. Make coffee with the espresso method, then prepare a shaker that has been filled with ice cubes and coconut milk.

2. Pour espresso into the shaker, add coconut sugar as well. Beat the coffee ice until it is evenly mixed.

3. In the glass, give the lavender or fragrant flower powder. Pour ice coffee into a glass. Even better, add whipped cream.

4. Serve the drink while it’s cold, add pastries as a compliment.

Ice Coffee Latte

how to make_ice_coffee at home
how to make_ice_coffee at home

300 ml of fresh milk

200 ml of black coffee

50 ml of sugar syrup

Ice cubes as needed

How to Make:

1. Put enough fresh milk, black coffee, sugar syrup, and ice cubes into a shaker.

2. Beat until everything is evenly mixed and bubbly.

3. Pour into the glass, serve immediately in cold conditions.

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